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OhhMyTeacher – Love taunting and mind games. Making u as powerless as u ve never been and prepared to do whatever i want, give me all i deserve. I love dressing up my gals and make them do wild whorish things. I find it immensely entertaining to have fun with my piglets, puppies and other useless creatures. Im here for my fun.

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CallmeAlly – Are you searching for a Domina to take utter control, a Princess to idolize, and comply, someone who will test your boundaries and teach you to accept who you are? I am undoubtedly a lifestyle Fem Dom and a natural Woman Supremacist. Why? Because I AM the greatest , I M QUALITY, I`m UNSPOILED EVIL, my crooked masochistic mind is far-far imperious. I m a natural born Domme, i m the perfect mix up between pansy and dominance.If u`re superb enough to try make an impression me, then get down on all fours and crawl into my room victim !!!

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Looking for fresh enslaved marionettes that know to treat me well !IF YOU THINK YR SUPREME ENOUGH FOR ME THEN DONT WASTE YEAR TIME IN OTHER ROOMS!IM HERE

MistressHot – You have a burning fantasy to submit and obey do you? You come to the right place my inadequate subjugated! Always recall darling your pain is my gain. Your nothing more than my expendable play toy! Inject inside you can not stash, the deep things i have stored inside. Open the doors on my powers within., Recall that I have the key to downright deep-throat you in Never forget the contest is to unlock my deep hidden secrets.With entertainment and time, your mind, body and soul will be mine. I’m aware that y

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