3 different sexual fetishes

Now every single man (and if we’re being honest women as well) have some form of sexula fetish! this can come in many different forms, from a fetish to small women, asian women, blondes, brunettes, to sexual parts of the body, to even non sexula parts like a foot fetish. You also get men who love to be dominated, dominate, grown babies and even cross dress! Like we said there are thousands of different fetish that men have and we want to explore some of the main ones here, get ready guys as we are about to blow the lid on some of the most taboo sexual subjects.

Foot Fetish

This is the 7th most common sexual fetish in the world and as you would of probably guessed is all to do with the feet. Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia is simply replacing feet for other sexual body parts and stimulus, often the individual with this fetish will worship feet and want you to step all of them, like legit step on them! Often viewed as a weird or unusual fetish this type of sexual interest in feet is actually one of the most safest, with no forms of pain or punishment involved in the act.


Bondage is simply where one sexual partner will restrain the other. This type of fetish falls under the umbrella of BDSM and is all about control and submissive, with multiple objects being used. Basically you bind your partner using items like ropes, belts or special items like handcuffs, the idea is one is in complete control and the other not which gives both involved a sexual thrill. Be careful with this fetish tho you have to ensure who ever your doing this with has a similar mindset in terms of how far things will be pushed, always have a safe word and establish boundaries before you start. If you do all of this then you will no doubt have a great time.


Now this fetish involves a few different things but there basically all the same, shiny, slick and normally black. Yep we are talking about latex, leather and rubber baby! this fetish relates to those that get a sexual thrill out of wearing or having their partner wear rubber, leather or a latex based material. This fetish sub culture refer to themselves as rubberists and are one of the most popular fetish group in the world, in fact its rated number 3 of most popular sexual fetishes. Now this much like bondage comes under the BDMS umbrella which means it can go in alot of different directions, it can range from wearing the more common leather items such as a cat suit or it can go left and be all about gag masks. Just like with bondage communication is key, ensure you and your partner are full in sync in terms of what is and isnt allowed, this will ensure you both have nothing but a pleasant time.

There you have it guys, 3 different fetish that you and your partner (or tinder date) can maybe try out tonight. Like we have mentioned always communicate with your sexual partner, please don’t think for a second that springing a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs while your dressed in all leather is a good idea for a surprise when your in the bedroom with your significant other.