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Permit Me to convert your assets, mind, spirit and soul thru the experience of Conscious LIMIT BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE (RACK) in a Safe, Clean, Private and highly Discreet way.

MissSexyTopTS – I am a real Mistress, I am mean, requesting, sarcastic and sadomasochistic, with a low tolerance for bullshit. I expect my marionettes to entertain Me, please Me and submit to Me completely. I am here to take advantage of your weakness, to use you and manhandle you for My own entertainment ! Your dreams only matter IF I want them to matter. Obeying Me is your privilege and you might lose your opportunity if I am bored.


Cam2cam with Cable on Mistress OnYrKneesPig wants a slave

We are here to humiliate you pitiful punish you while jacking your bank account.You can think you are part of Our life by listening to Us and serving Us, WE prize your devotion and spoiling with private attention dummies. do as WE instruction! Boot fetish, pay a tease & denial session, smacking, innocence, KIK Mistress, puny schlong abasement – Idolize, conform and pay, piggy:D

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Cam2cam with Mistress XNoLimitsDomina wants a sub

I think you know what attracts me the most)) I get money and gifts! I enjoy money like a life! And the moment when I manipulate you and drain your purse I get an orgasm of ahaha lol but this experiencing that I take everything from you! – Your personal life, your spunk-pump! I idolize shopping and traveling for your tribute me money while you work more and more to meet the wishes of your magnificent domina! – I am the enrapturing, domineering and requesting princess Astarta! I have no boundaries for your sick and feeble brain, all you need is you can get in my session!My elastically well-groomed figure and my gorgeous powerful gams will take you away from reality into my world of seduction and conformity.I will permit you to perceive my strong force, unshakable will, the power of my thoughts and my dreams!

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